Inovations & Technology


To be the best in the industry, you have to be inovative, so we create second bedroom. Second bedroom is inovative solution, which is attached on top of the roof on our recreational vehicles. With this solution we create spacious interior for 4 or 6 person on board.



Our advantage over the competition is very compact and extreem light shell. To achieve this we produce ALU substructure, which forms the main strength, and then we insert carbon fibre parts and carbon fibre sendwich panels.

As well as the exterior, the interior is also very important, and because of this we developed our own sendwich panels to produce lightest and durable furniture. In addition, for the manufacture of furniture we also use real wood veneer, to achieve the best quality of product and also healthy living environment.

One piece roof, is also one of very important part of our vehicles. Roof is design to cover both vertical walls, rear end and front alcoven, so we eliminated the possibility of leaking.