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Our Models

Royal Sport

Royal Sport

Trailer model designed for all travellers eager to seek adventures and flexibility.

Royal Star

Royal Star

Recreational vehicle particularly suitable for those who want a real family experience on their travel.

Grand Royal

Grand Royal

Luxury recreational vehicle, which can best satisfy more demanding travellers who want only the best.


Our recreational vehicles and trailers have aluminium chassis, and carbon exterior, which gives the chassis its typical form. The chassis is innovatively completed by a pull-out bike and motorcycle bracket. Due to its unique manufacture and the choice of material our RVs and trailers are built to last.

More about the design


The interior and exterior have modern design. The interior opens up into a spacious and comfortable room fitted with natural and modern materials. Our step forward from the competition is availability of two separate bedrooms, i.e. double roof, the use of technically advanced materials – carbon, innovatively designed rear bumper that is pulled out and turn into a bike and motorcycle bracket with the total capacity of 300 kg and water capacities of 400 L.

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